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On the 14th September 2021, we celebrated a milestone in the story of Shepherd’s Star: our launch event in collaboration with Bhuti Foundation and the Bingham Riverhouse!

What you are doing is so valuable…bringing so many different people together.  Timi’s speech really struck me: those who are helping and those who are being helped are one and the same…we are all as much in need in different ways...” Samantha Trinder, Bingham Riverhouse.

We were delighted to celebrate our launch alongside our friends and supporters – thank you to each and every one who has walked this journey alongside us.

A wonderful afternoon finding out about the charity, your journey so far and your vision moving forward. I have every faith the charity will inspire and have a positive impact on those individuals that need a shining star to help guide and support in time of need while also connecting the wider community.” – Frankie, a friend of Shepherd’s Star

Thank you to everyone who donated towards our banqueting table of delicious cakes, bakes and savoury treats.  With grateful thanks to our community bakers: the friends of Shepherd’s Star and also Madhus, Bliss Brownies, Richmond Hill Bakery, Ole & Steen UK and Gail’s Richmond

Their provision was so great, we were able to continue the blessing of MORE by sharing some of our overflow, with our local NHS workers!

A massive thanks from the vaccination hub in Roehampton for all the delicious treats.  We really appreciated them.”

We believe there is a new constellation of collaboration in the community – made up of many stars – together, we are creating something unique and beautiful. 

Thank you to everyone in our Shepherd’s Star community – connected, we light up the dark.

“He counts the stars and calls them by name” – Psalm 147:4